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(This blog is out of date as of March 2012.)

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I give up.

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this blog is now one of my favourite blogs on tumblr.




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Davey’s verified on Twitter, under a new username. ("I am now. A true Bird.") (If you were following him before, you still are.) Update your bookstalks, I mean bookmarks.

And for the record: Jade is still at @jadepuget; Blaqk Audio doesn’t have a Twitter but @BlaqkNews exists; and the other half of @AFI* are still at @TranquilMammoth and @AdamCarsonAFI.**

*@AFI’s second to last tweet says Davey doesn’t have a Twitter. Ha ha.

**Adam’s last tweet to a certain female says “This bed is too big without you.” Dude. There’s private messages for that kind of thing.