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I miss having to wonder about any aspect of an artist’s life. This was a luxury we don’t have anymore. Whether it’s the people surrounding them revealing things about their process or their personal lives - or the artist themselves going on twitter and telling you what they’re doing in the middle of the night with their girlfriend’s - it’s like, ‘Wow, um…I really liked you better before you told me that. I really would like to go back to imagining the person that I was imagining’.

—Davey Havok (2009 Alternative Press)

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I give up.

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Davey’s verified on Twitter, under a new username. ("I am now. A true Bird.") (If you were following him before, you still are.) Update your bookstalks, I mean bookmarks.

And for the record: Jade is still at @jadepuget; Blaqk Audio doesn’t have a Twitter but @BlaqkNews exists; and the other half of @AFI* are still at @TranquilMammoth and @AdamCarsonAFI.**

*@AFI’s second to last tweet says Davey doesn’t have a Twitter. Ha ha.

**Adam’s last tweet to a certain female says “This bed is too big without you.” Dude. There’s private messages for that kind of thing.

"More evidence."

"More evidence."

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It’s not that everything needs to have substance, but when nothing does then you know we’re living in a bankrupt society, an artistically bankrupt society, and that’s not okay. I think there’s room for forms of entertainment that are very light and frivolous and fun, but when those forms of entertainment, forms of “art” if you will, become presented as something more than that, and are believed to be something more than that, then we’ve got a lot of problems.

—Davey Havok

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