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(This blog is out of date as of March 2012.)

(ETA: Some earlier recent posts here are/will be privated.)!/DaveyHavok

Davey’s verified on Twitter, under a new username. ("I am now. A true Bird.") (If you were following him before, you still are.) Update your bookstalks, I mean bookmarks.

And for the record: Jade is still at @jadepuget; Blaqk Audio doesn’t have a Twitter but @BlaqkNews exists; and the other half of @AFI* are still at @TranquilMammoth and @AdamCarsonAFI.**

*@AFI’s second to last tweet says Davey doesn’t have a Twitter. Ha ha.

**Adam’s last tweet to a certain female says “This bed is too big without you.” Dude. There’s private messages for that kind of thing.

Evanescence? You’re fucking joking

The AFI side project for Davey Havok and Jade Puget, Blaqk Audio will be touring Australia this March. The duo last released ‘CexCells‘ in 2007, and while they have had a new album ‘Bright Black Heaven‘ complete for a little while, there is no solid release information as yet, though it is expected at some stage this year. The duo will be touring as support for Evanescence around the country. 


  • 23rd – Royal Theatre, Canberra [AA]
  • 24th – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne [AA]
  • 26th – Convention Centre, Brisbane [AA]
  • 28th – Entertainment Centre, Newcastle [AA]
  • 29th – Entertainment Centre, Sydney [AA]
  • —> Tickets on sale 9am, Thursday February 9th – $99 + Booking Fees

me everyday when certain people won’t stop talking about stuff I don’t like/know/care about.


Apparently that gif still makes me lol. Posting.

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This is from January 2004, on

AFI just released “Silver and Cold,” the third single from Sing the Sorrow and the follow-up to “The Leaving Song Pt. 2”. /—/ AFI came up with the concept involving the band literally running around the city, and Hillcoat agreed to develop it.

"This one is more plot-driven," Puget said. "We’ve kind of covered the performance angle, so the ‘Silver and Cold’ video just tells a story. We did a little acting."

"Prague is very cold," singer Davey Havok chimed in.

"It’s also very beautiful," bassist Hunter added.

When their tour wraps in March, AFI will not work on the Electronic music side project Puget talked about in the fall. The guitarist said he was just thinking out loud and that he and Havok never considered recording something outside of AFI.

"It was just a little 10-minute interview in England, so I didn’t think it would ever reach anyone," he said, laughing.

Repeating because I can’t double-bold it: "and that he and Havok never considered recording something outside of AFI."

I’m now picturing a world without Blaqk Audio. *shudder*

(Are BA shows an Apple commercial?)

(Are BA shows an Apple commercial?)

"BBH early ‘12"

"BBH early ‘12"


Some old mentions

The highlight of the album, however, is the midterm back-to-back punch of AFI side-project Blaqk Audio‘s electrosuicidal “Afterdark” /—/

(electrosuicidal! this is going in my vocabulary)

— QuickTune: Various Artists – Batman: Arkham City – The Album —

“The Witness” is the best track that the duo have dropped since CexCells, /—/

“The Witness” runs on a Cimmerian (adj., living in perpetual darkness) dance beat as Davey wails “Where is deliverance?/ Will you walk with, walk with me?/ Where is forgiveness?” to begin the song.  The song feels epic and personal despite the abstract lyrics, a quality that many AFI and Blaqk Audio songs have, and features Davey wailing about how he will “Smile tonight/ For you have arrived/ Arrived to bring the heavens down.”  It all is so lurid and sexy that it’s hardly surprising when Davey sings “I hold your final submission/ You never looked so good before” on the bridge.

— Song of the Day: Blaqk Audio – “The Witness” —

(that page links to this tumblr, omg (specifically the pirate page — though what’s funny is they claim to have “free and legal" mp3s. trololololololol.))

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Blaqk Audio video shoot
(posted on December 12 by @HiDeaf)

Blaqk Audio video shoot

(posted on December 12 by @HiDeaf)

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"Afterdark is one of my favorite BA tracks." :D!