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Noisia — Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)



Doomsday - Nero

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You know, in like 2000 or something we’d’ve likely not been surprised that the music of the future sounds like this.

Tim Ismag — “Club On Fire”

New FT, w00t w00t?

FATHER TIGER — “Lose Our Minds” (demo version)



Dubstep Remix - Lecrae - Jesus Muzik

I approve.

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God Module — “Remember”


Song of the week  #11

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Zombie Girl — “Creepy Crawler”

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Aesthetic Perfection — “All Beauty Destroyed”


I love their new album. This song touches me more than I’d like for it to. 


I think I like. o.o

(earlier: "Pale")

Iiris — “Melyse”

(Someone should tell me what genre this is so I can tag it properly… All I know is that it’s relevant to the genres I post here.)

The singer is cute. >_>

Her voice reminds me of Kerli’s a bit, and I don’t think it’s the accent. Hmm…


"Durch den Monsun" (Tribute to Tokio Hotel)
Deutsche Klub Musik Hits


This singer has such a cute voice and the beat is so dancey! :)

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Sonny Moore — “Gypsyhook”


Monarchy w/ Britt Love — “You Don’t Want To Dance With Me”

oh my god what is this

Avenged Sevenfold versus Blaqk Audio

And Sushi Productions — “Sweet Afterlife”

Love this.

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